How to Lose Weight With Green Coffee Extract


Up until recently, Raspberry ketones have been the top selling weight loss supplements after being featured by Dr. Oz on his show.  Since then however, a new study on green coffee extract was introduced on the Dr. Oz, causing interest in it to explode overnight.  What was the key factor that caught Dr. Oz’s interest?





For just a couple of weeks, the participants of the study were given green coffee, and told not to change any of their habits.  Which means

  • They didn’t need to change their diet
  • They were told to take the extract every day
  • They didn’t need to adapt a new routine or workout program

Green Coffee Bean for weight loss – Does it really help you lose weight?

Green coffee provides an enormous boost to weight loss rates when taken.  According to the original study, 16 participants were watched over a 12 week period and each of them lost an amazing average of 17 pounds.

Doctor Oz himself conducted a study on his show – selecting a sample of 100 participants from the audience and giving them a supply of green coffee extract.  The women who took green coffee lost TWICE as much weight as those who received the placebo!

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So How does it work exactly?

There are two mechanisms at work when it comes to green coffee beans.  The first is from the well-known effect of caffeine, which acts as both a stimulant and an appetite suppressant.  Most weight loss drugs contain some sort of stimulant, which raises your metabolism causing you to burn more fat.  Be wary of using  the supplement if you’re caffeine sensitive, as it is a particularly potent strain of coffee.

What makes green coffee extract heads above normal weight loss drugs is the special ingredient only found in strains that can be considered “green” coffee beans – chlorogenic acid (CGA).  Chlorogenic acid signals your liver to burn stored fat first, so less of the food you eat is absorbed.  This was verified In a study conducted by the University of Scranton under Joe Vinson, which you can confirm in our citation tab.

Chlorogenic Acid – The Magical Ingredient

CGA is an ingredient uniquely found in green coffee beans, which usually fails to survive the being roasted to create coffee drinks.  It is important for you, as a buyer, to verify that the process used to create the supplement brand you’re using does not involve high heat.  Heat heavily damages the chemical structure of CGA, and will greatly diminish the amounts found in the final product.

Buyer Beware – Green Coffee Bean Extract ScamsScam-Alert1


Free Trial Scams

Whenever you see any supplement company offering “Free trials” on the internet, run away as fast as you can.    They trick victims into thinking they’re only providing their credit card numbers to cover a low shipping fee.  Unsuspectingly, the victim is charged for a ludicrous amount of money every month.  The charge usually comes after a week or two, often before the customer has had time to gauge the effectiveness of the brand and to cancel.  The scammers make it almost impossible to actually cancel the subscription, and will change their contact info monthly.

The icing on the cake is that the product you receive ends up being of extremely terrible quality, because they don’t care if you’ll be happy with it.  They know you’ll be incredibly mad at them for the subscription stunt.  So on top of it all, you end up with an expensive product that doesn’t even work!

Products with Misleading terms such as “Pure Green Coffee Extract”

One of the most common marketing buzzwords when it comes to weight loss products is to attach the word “Pure” to the front.  It cannot be emphasized enough that there is NO regulation whatsoever on what “Pure” entails.  They can easily attach the term to a product that was overdone in the extraction process and contains almost no Chlorogenic acid.  Not only that, a product with tons of filler and additives can still be called pure.

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So how do I avoid being scammed?

Take everything with a grain of salt

If you read reviews for garcinia cambogia or raspberry ketones and all they do is gush about how amazing the product is, immediately take caution.  A legitimate and trustworthy supplier will always be sure to tell you about any adverse effects.

Check the Ingredients

There’s a very easy way to make sure you’re getting a high quality extract and not something that is filled with toxins and needless filler ingredients.  Just read the ingredients and supplement facts. Even if a company is running a blatant scam through loopholes, they are not legally permitted to lie on the label.  As per Dr. Oz’s recommendations, just keep these bullet points in mind.

  • 45% Chlorogenic Acid
  • NO fillers or additives
  • At least 400 mg per capsule


By all intents and purposes, green coffee extract is proven to be effect at assisting in weight loss, but like with any other diet craze, there are scammers out there that give it a bad name.

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